Industry and Equipment Specialties
At LW Capital Corp.  we take pride in our flexibility.  We lease all kinds of equipment to all kinds of businesses.  We are primarily concerned with the credit quality of the Borrower / Lessee rather than the value of the underlying equipment we finance.   We typically provide 100% financing.  Here are a few examples of the equipment we prefer to lease / finance:  
  • computer equipment to include hardware/Software/Installation/Training/Cabling
  • dental equipment
  • medical equipment
  • video production and editing equipment
  • tractors and trailers
  • construction
  • all types of manufacturing and industrial equipment to include printing, graphic arts. machine tool and molding
  • telecommunications equipment
  • office equipment to include phone systems, furniture and fixtures and other office automation equipment
  • point of sale
  • and many others

Bottom line…most equipment used in business can be financed or leased.  For a strong credit, we will finance or lease virtually any type of equipment. 

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